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Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) Ukulele Tutorial – All Levels – Two chords.

Lil Naz X fantastic song (Call Me By Your Name) can it be done on the ukulele? The answer is Yes! This video is for players of all levels. It begins with a basic explanation of how to do a simple versions with SUPER basic barre chords and then moves onto a strumming pattern which fits the song perfectly. Options for more ADVANCED players also. Alternative barre chords and varied strumming patterns.

Ring of Fire – Learn Country Ukulele with Johnny Cash.

It’s time for a bit of country strumming. This is Jonny Cash Ring of Fire, learn how to strum complex rhythms with Johnny Cash and Ukulele Vagabond. A step by Step guide for how to level up in a genre specific way.

Bring me Sunshine by Morecambe and Wise (Easy) Ukulele Tutorial. Open Chords. Beginners.

The old classic by Morcambe and Wise for the Ukulele. This is a beginner tutorial but be prepared to learn a lot of chords.

Bring me Sunshine by Morecambe and Wise (Advanced) Ukulele Tutorial. Barre Chords and Solos.

Part two of a two part series for how to play “Bring me Sunshine” by “Morecambe and Wise.” In this episode we will be running through the Barre chords, how to play the C scale and opening up the whole fretboard.

Want to play in bands as a ukulele player? Three Tips for creative collaborations.

We will not be learning any new songs in this episode. We will go over how to develop your skills and practice effectively. I will be giving you my three tips to practice to play in bands effectively.

Complete Beginner Tutorial

Completely New to the Ukulele? Tuning your Uke, Fitting a Strap

Have you just received a ukulele in the post or from the shop and need to tune it and get it prepared for playing? This video looks at how to tune your instrument including a basic explanation of the different musical notes and how to tune your instrument to the tuner. It also looks at good posture for ukulele playing and gives advice on straps. This video is intended to get people ready to start playing, it does NOT include how to play songs and chords and strumming patterns. For that check my other videos or wait for next weeks one.

Learn 12 Bar Blues

Advanced Tutorial. 12 bar blues, Barre Chords, Scales the Whole Fretboard. SHREADING the UKULELE

AND NOW!! The third in a three part series on Blues Ukulele 12 barre in G. We got scales, we got barre chords, we got normal chords, we got transitions, we got different tonalities.

Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog. INTERMEDIATE Tutorial: PART TWO: Barre chords and 7ths

So how did you’ll get on last week? I hope you all managed to get the twelve-bar blues with three chords because we are expanding the repertoire of chords now too barre chords and 7th chords. For this reason the video is going to be somewhat more complicated and will be more like an intermediate level lesson for those who are waiting to develop more complex styles.

(Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog) BEGINNER Tutorial PART ONE: Open Chords

Alright you Ukulele Hound Dogs. It’s time to learn some basic 12 Bar Blues an ESSENTIAL progression in blues and music in general. This video will just focus on an explanation of the arrangement and an explanation of how to play 12 bar with open chords. A perfect starting place for beginner ukulele players looking to learn a simple song and absorb some simple theory. This will be the first in a three part series, in the next episode we will be learning barre chords.

Learn Reggae Ukulele with Bob and Toots

Learn Advanced Reggae Ukulele with Bob Marley (Part three: High Barre Chords and Scales)

And now… For the third in my three-part series in how to play reggae ukulele with Bob Marley and Toots and Maytals. This will explore some of the most complex strumming and finger picking techniques so far. We will be using the whole range of the ukulele and learning to both play chords, barre chords AND solo at higher tonalities. This one is not for complete beginners check the first video in this three-part series if you want to learn how to play reggae ukulele at a more basic level.

Downloadable resources for the next three episodes to the right/below.

Learn Reggae Ukulele (Part one: Open Chords)

Learn Basic reggae with open chords along with Bob Marley Toots and myself. Establish drills to get you learning in the shortest possible time. Sheet music and beat used available below.

(Part two: Barre Chords)

Learn more complicated offbeat styles with Bob Marley, Toots and myself. We are doing barre chords for this and we are continuing to develop the offbeat skills we have acquired in the previous video. Sheet music and practice beats available below.

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Ukulele Discussions

Lyric Writing for Complete Beginners (Simple Exercises to Develop Your Lyricism)

Are you the kind of musician who loves to play but freezes up when you try to write your own material? In this video we will be analyzing lyrics and identifying what rhythming patterns to learn and develop when you begin the creative process. I will also go through some common pitfalls that people make at the beginning and give practical advice to learn lyrics.

Learn to Sing and Play on the Ukulele. Easy Tutorial! Get Singing Right Away

Do you struggle to sing with the Ukulele? When you start strumming does your voice crack? Maybe your singing is ok but your chord changing becomes really bad as soon as you start singing. In this video, we will be going through vocal warn up techniques and how they can be applied to uke playing in order to learn to sing and play quicker. Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or more advance if singing throws you off this is the video for you.

Three Tips for Learning New Genres of Music 

Are you stuck on ukulele? Have you always wanted to write songs and perform in different genres of music. In this video the ukulele vagabond discusses how to approach different genres of music and the three most basic steps you can start taking TODAY with your instrument in order to start exploring different genres.

(Song Writing Themes: Beginner Tutorial)

Learn to become a songwriter/producer/performer by watching the first in my free coaching programme for beginners. There is no specific ukulele tuition in this video, it is more for the purposes of learning to develop vision as a creative and move your playing forward. 

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